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Photo credit: Samantha Inman

We insert sterile hair-thin needles into specific acupuncture points along meridians of energy flow that run across the body. This ancient medicine used empirical science to study the effects of each of these points and meridians. We design a point prescription customized to each patient's needs to shift energy and allow the body to heal itself. In Western scientific terms we puncture the body and cause natural opioids to release and resolve pain, improve circulation, and move blockages.




We create a partial vacuum inside of a glass or acrylic cup. The cup slides along massage oil on the skin to remove knots and blockages, reduce swelling, relieve pain, and encourage circulation. Cups can also be placed on acu-points and left for several minutes, allowing for a deep release of toxins and blocked energy.

Photo credit: Samantha Inman


We burn the Chinese herb Mugwort over meridians or acupuncture points. This warming treatment encourages circulation, moves blockages, and boosts immunity. Burning moxa on certain points is proven to increase white blood cell count, fight disease, and even flip a breech baby.

Photo credit: Samantha Inman

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